Why are your fees so low ?

Most importantly we believe that managing property need not be that expensive.

We do not believe in compromising on the integrity and quality of our work. We prefer long-term clients and recommendations.

A ‘five star service for a low fee’.

Taxation issues ?

Are your fees deductible against UK tax payable on rental income from the property ?


Can you help me with my UK tax returns ?

Our unique property management system means that full accounts are available for you if you intend completing your own returns. We can help as we have a trained accountant on staff.

If you have an accountant to complete your returns, you can give them access to your property details – with all bills and expenses itemised. This reduces the paperwork you need to undertake and hopefully reduces their time spent (and billable hours).

Will you charge me more fees for work done or time spent ?

We do not charge any ‘additional’ management fees or a % of any contractors’ bills.

Our fees are fair and inclusive and while it may be possible that your property will require a lot of our time, we believe it is in everyone’s interest for the management to run as smoothly as possible.

We also believe you should only pay what the contractor charges, with no commission added. This is often after we have already negotiated a better rate on your behalf.

Payment of bills ?

We will keep a small sum on account for payment of small bills and emergencies. You can set the limits for these payments.

Large bills we will always get at least 2 quotes and your consent before proceeding with any work.

Do you manage property all over London ?

We live locally and currently manage property in South West London.

This is ‘our area’. But, if you want us to manage property in another part of London we are happy to discuss the possibility. If we don’t think we can provide the best service, we will tell you.

Where are you based ?

The two senior partners are both expats. One is based in Singapore and the other in South West London.

And if you want to meet us – we can meet you in and out of office hours in Singapore, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Spain – or, of course, in London.


How are your fees paid ?

You can pay them every quarter yourself or we can arrange payment from the letting agents.

Who holds our deposit and collects the rent?

Either the agent who finds the tenants or we can arrange for it to be held in a UK government backed deposit holding scheme.

The agent who lets the property collects the rent and passes it on to you.

Why don’t I just use the agent that lets the property, manage the property ?

Not all agents are set up for management, even though they may claim they are.

If you need a big agent with corporate contacts to find you tenants, they often lack the personal touch and the out of hours service you and your tenants expect.

By contrast, small letting agents often struggle to find good tenants, especially if you have a hard to let or want the highest rent possible.

We can find the best agent for you – or work with one you choose – and take over the management when they have found the best tenants. We can have an independent look at the tenants and can negotiate better fees from the agents too !

Do you find the tenants ?

No, we work with a number of agents specializing in letting property in your area. We work with them to ensure you find the best tenants at the best rent – and we negotiate lower fees on your behalf too.

We do not currently have any intention in offering a property letting service, but are happy to offer a second opinion on possible tenants.

Why ‘by expats, for expats’ ?

It is hard to feel confident about letting out your family home and you want to ensure it is looked after properly by people who care and understand your concerns.

We know that you want the least amount of trouble, paperwork and cost.

Living expat lives we are probably friends of your friends and rely on personal reputations and recommendations.

Most importantly, we can meet or talk to you in your time zone and location. No more evening calls with your agent in London.

Finally, just because you are an expat doesn’t mean you should pay over the going rate for a job. We ensure fairness and good quality work, even if you aren’t there to check it personally.